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Marktplaats / Ebay

‘Marktplaats Minuut’ Retention.

I created various customer journeys/flows for Marktplaats. Guiding active and inactive users through various touchpoints like e-mail, banners, notifications, to increase buying or selling behaviour on Marktplaats. Main objective: Get the users to the next best state.

Moments like Koningsdag, or a coming heatwave, can be incentives to users (buyers and sellers) to start using Marktplaats. Each scenario (moment) is divided into (micro) conversions, if a user fails to complete a full macro conversion, a logarithm will be used to guide these users to a more relevant scenario to activate them. For example, when a user is unresponsive, it is possible to use a different touchpoint (e-mail or notifications) or a new scenario. Based on the information gathered for each Marktplaats user, the best possible scenario will be applied to get them to the next best state.




March 4, 2017


UX Design