Housequake saw the light of day on June 7th, 1997. On Prince’s birthday…. 12 years online to support a very prolific artist named Prince. I was the founder and designer of the Housequake Prince fan community, with at it’s peak more than 35.000 registered members. It contained the most extensive Prince discography online, interviews with related artists, exclusive photography and lot’s more.

After surviving a couple of legal threats from Prince and associates (see my other Prince side project Prince Fans United), I decided to pull the plug in February 2009. “Kill your darlings” as they say…

The Housequake website has already been too much changed (read crippled) by Prince’s efforts to gain control over our content. It’s the feeling you have, when a burglar robbed your house. It’s just not your house anymore. And the fact remains that I can’t afford to pay an army of lawyers to keep a decent non-profit community up and running the way I want to, even when I operate within international laws.

Nevertheless, I can look back and feel proud over what we accomplished. And we did that together, so now it’s time for some name dropping: Adele, Alan, Alexander, Anders, André, Andrea, Arjen, Ben, Bo, Brett, Camron, Cornelia, Craig, Dansa, Darryl, Davy, Dez, Dirk Jan, Erik, Eric, Franky, Gary, Gavin, Greg, Gregory, Gry, Hans, Harry, Hucky, Ian, Jeroen, Jimmy, Joe, Joeri, John, Joozt, José, Karyn, Kees, Kosta, Kostas, Lars, Marika, Marja, Mark, Marloes, Marthijn, Mathieu, Melissa, Michael, Michelle, Milly, Nigel, Nik, Nick, Patrick, Pat, Paul, Per, Phil, Pieter, Praveer, Rashid, Robbie, Sam, Sandra, Sarah, Stefan, Stijn, Susanna, Sym, Tammy, Tim, Timothy, Toby, Todd, Toto, Ucintats, Vicki, Yuri and everyone else I forgot. Thank you all!

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Prince Fans United

Prince has bitten the hand that feeds him. That caused the initiation and design of a protest site that reached the press world wide. It’s purpose is to gain more freedom for fans of Prince to run a fan site normally, without any fear of unjust legal threats by the artist.

The protest (backed up with legal help) turned out a huge success with lot’s of exposure: CNN, BBC, Rolling Stone, news reports everywhere. We even reached the printed media in South Africa.

Because of the pressure the publicity caused, Prince even wrote a song (PFUnk) as a response and discontinued the legal assault on his very own fans in november 2007. It’s very sad to know you need an army of lawyers to run a decent Prince fan site. Special note: Without the efforts of Gavin McLaughlin & Karyn Avera we couldn’t have made this happen.

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